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Growatt MIN 2500 TL-XE Single Phase Inverter, 2 MPPT Inverter with DC Isolator



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Growatt MIN 2500 TL-XE Inverter, With DC Isolator 

Growatt 2500 MIN TL-XE is the most up-to-date smart inverter solution for rooftop solar systems. It’s of compact design and an outstanding efficiency of up to 98.4%. The Growatt MIN-XE series also has 2 MPPT trackers, connecting to the power grid as well as solar panels and generates substantial savings in your electric bill. This with its relatively low cost allows for a short depreciation period for the series.

IMPORTANT: installers shouldn’t use CT to achieve anti reflux function for MIN2500-6000TL-XE inverters. Instead they should use the single phase meter Growatt SPM.

Growatt has confirmed that although the use of CT is mentioned in the user manual, because issues have been found with this type of option, they decided to stop promoting CT for limitation to the grid altogether. Therefore, now they recommend the use of the Growatt SPM ONLY for that purpose.


  • With DC Isolator
  • Maximum efficiency 98.4%
  • Dual MPP trackers
  • Type II SPD on DC side
  • Supports export control
  • Touch key and OLED display
  • 10 year warranty

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