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SMA Storage 134 kWh HV Battery + 2x SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60



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SMA Storage 134 kWh HV Battery + 2 x Sunny Tripower Storage 60

Highly flexible battery-storage system for large-scale commercial and industrial applications.

With the SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60 and a 67kWh SMA Storage Business Battery, customers benefit from perfectly matched system components.

Different business models can be realised with the integrated energy management features. Through the features: increase in own consumption or peak-shaving, different customer requirements can be implemented.

Ultimate flexibility

  • Modular expandability up to the MW range
  • All system components from a single source
  • Equipped for future applications thanks to the modular structure of ennexOS, the IoT platform for energy management
  • Diesel hybrid optimisation – diesel hybrid systems can be optimised for consumption with this system


  • Active battery balancing up to 100 times faster than conventional systems
  • Powerful and long-lasting battery cells from the automotive industry
  • Cells: Lithium NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)
  • Every battery module has its own Active Battery Optimiser (ABO) that can be separated from the module in a few easy steps

New business models

  • Increased Self-Consumption
  • Peak load capping
  • Time-of-use arbitrage
  • 10-year battery performance warranty
  • 5-year part warranty

The package can be scaled up by adding either more 67kWh SMA Storage Business battery cabinets (to increase storage capacity) or more 60kW Sunny Tripower Storage inverters to increase charge/discharge power.

The 134kWh Battery Storage plus 120kW Sunny Tripower Storage bundle includes:

Single System Overview Power
2 x SMA Sunny Tripower Storage STPS60-10 120kW
1 x SMA Inverter Manager IM-20
2 x (SMA Storage Business STORAGE-67-TV-10 double cabinet, inc 14 batteries and BMS) 134kWh
1 x SMA Data Manager M EDMM-10
1 x Power Quality Analyser UMG 604 E JANITZA
1 x SMA Battery Storage Combiner TV-10
Storage Extension Kit TV-10 115285-00.01 (for 2+ Batteries) (Optional)
SMA Commissioning ES-SYS-TS-70 (Optional)

Additional information

Weight 2001.04 kg

SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER STORAGE 60 (STPS60-10) Datasheet - 02 09 2020 (448.00 KB)


SMA STORAGE BUSINESS STORAGE-67-TS-10 Datasheet - 09 05 2019 (438.46 KB)


SMA BUSINESS with SMA STORAGE STPS60-10 System Manual - 21 04 2020 (634.29 KB)


SMA STORAGE BUSINESS STORAGE-67-TS-10 Flyer - 29 04 2019 (1.12 MB)


SMA Battery System - Commissioning Report 1- 24 02 2021 (2.06 MB)


SMA Battery System - Commissioning Report 2 (35.37 KB)


SMA Battery System - Commissioning Service Order Form - 25 02 2021 (463.24 KB)


SMA Limited Factory Warranty - 19 07 2022 (73.17 KB


SMA Storage Business Warranty - 27 08 2019 (48.09 KB

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