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Solarwatt 325W Vision 60M Style (Black Edit) , Glass-Glass, Black Frame



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Solarwatt 325W Vision 60M Style (Black Edit), Glass-Glass, Black Frame

The Vision 60M style black edition is distinguished by the uniform black appearance of this glass-glass solar panel. By eliminating the interconnection strips at the ends of the solar panel, this solar panel is completely black. In combination with the black frame and the transparent toughened solar glass, the solar panel forms one whole with the roof, for a superior appearance. This solar panel is therefore the choice for application on a pitched roof.

The degradation of glass-glass solar panels is nil, so that the yield is many times higher than with traditional solar panels.

Thanks to years of experience, application of the best components and a fully automatic production process, the Solarwatt glass-glass modules deliver the highest yield in the long term.

The Solarwatt FullCoverage insurance is included for 5 years and free of charge. It insures almost all risks and takes effect even if the modules do not produce electricity or deliver less than expected in the event of damage.


  • Covered cell connectors
  • 60 monocrystalline high power PERC-solar cell
  • Max system voltage 1,000V
  • Ammonia resistant
  • Salt mist resistant
  • 100% plus-sorting
  • 100% PID protected
  • Intensive hailstorm resistant
  • IP67 rating
  • 30-year product warranty per warranty conditions for Solarwatt solar modules
  • 30-year performance warranty on 84% of nominal power as per warranty conditions for Solarwatt solar modules

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Solarwatt Vision 60M Style (320-325 W) - black Datasheet 12 04 2022 (1.08 MB)


Solarwatt Installation Instructions Vision 60M slim black edition - 16 08 2022 (1.49 MB)


SolarWatt Glass-Glass MCS 005 Certificate BBA 0054 - 06 06 2022 (184.71 KB)


SolarWatt Panel Vision A Manufacturers Declaration of Quality - 22 07 2022 (2.39 MB)


Solarwatt Glass-Glass Panels UK Brochure - 11 05 2022 (1.91 MB)


Solarwatt Product Overview Panels - UK and Nordics Markets - 12 052022 (675.47 KB)


Solarwatt FullCoverage Document - 28 07 2022 (6.15 MB


Solarwatt Vision Glass-Glass Panels Warranty - 06 06 2022 (599.73 KB

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