Smart Battery Storage

Take advantage of CHEAP Night Electricity Tariff and charge your Smart Battery at night to be used during the day!

Smart Battery Storage


GivEnergy Smart Battery Storage

Made in the UK

GivEnergy batteries are made in the UK and give you that quality assurance peace of mind.

Compatible with Solar PV

Can be connected to your solar system and save your solar energy for later use.

Work with EV Chargers

You can save energy on our batteries and charge your EV directly from the battery.

9.5kWh Givenergy Battery

Unlimited Cycles

Most lithium batteries have >6000 cycles. GivEnergy batteries offer Unlimited cycles.


GivEnergy batteries can be installed outside and are not affected by weather conditions.


Unlike other lithium batteries on the market, GivEnergy batteries are Non-Flammage.


Intelligent battery storage

By opting for a Smart Battery Storage Solution, you can potentially save a substantial amount of money throughout the lifespan of the system. This storage alternative caters to your domestic requirements and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.


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Smart Battery Storage


What our customers say

My family and I recently moved to the UK and were looking for ways to save money on our energy bills. We knew the best way to do this was to switch to a battery with a Night Tariff.
We were of course a bit intimidated by the idea of having to switch to a battery with a Night Tariff, especially since it was something we had never done before. After a bit of research, however, we decided to go ahead and make the switch.

We are so glad we did. Immediately, we started seeing the benefits of using a battery with a Night Tariff. Our energy bills dropped significantly, we have more control over our energy usage, and we have access to cheaper night-time energy.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills in the UK, I highly recommend considering a battery with a Night Tariff. The benefits are immense and you won’t regret making the switch.
So don’t wait another day, switch to a battery with a Night Tariff in the UK and start reaping the benefits today.


Catherine S

A satisfied customer


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More Than Just App

GivEnergy 5.2kWh Battery

The 5.2kWh battery pack is a versatile battery and can be installed in a wider range of locations due to its compact design and can either be wall mounted or floor stood.

GivEnergy 9.5kWh Battery

The 9.5kWh battery pack is the bestselling battery
pack and offers a very competitive cost/kWh.

9.5kWh Givenergy Battery

GivEnergy 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter

The GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter is a battery and solar inverter in one unit.

Givenergy 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter


Frequently Asked Questions

Battery storage involves the use of rechargeable batteries that can store energy from various sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and the electrical grid. The stored energy can then be used later when needed, such as during periods of high demand or when there is no access to the primary energy source.

The process of storing energy in batteries involves converting the electrical energy into chemical energy, which is then stored in the battery cells. The chemical reaction that occurs between the battery’s electrodes and electrolytes allows the battery to store the energy. When the battery is connected to an external circuit, this chemical reaction is reversed, and the stored energy is released as electrical energy.

Different types of batteries are used for energy storage, depending on the application and the amount of energy required. Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their high energy density, long lifespan, and fast charging capabilities. Lead-acid batteries are also commonly used, especially in home energy storage systems.

Battery storage has several advantages, including providing backup power during outages, reducing reliance on the grid, and allowing for the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. For example, a home with solar panels can store excess energy during the day in a battery and use it at night or during cloudy days when there is no direct sunlight.

In conclusion, battery storage is a crucial component of the modern energy system, as it enables the efficient use of renewable energy sources and provides backup power during outages. The process of storing energy in batteries involves converting electrical energy into chemical energy, which is then stored in the battery cells until it is needed.

Yes, as long as you are a qualified and registered electrician.

Yes, it does work alongside EV Chargers. You will need to set an export threshold of >150V to ensure your battery can charge from export first. If you want an EV Charger to use export first, a timed discharge period can be set.

Yes it does, some additional electrical work may be required. You can find more information from our Installation Experts.

If you already have a solar system and want to retain the inverter, you will want to use our AC Coupled system with batteries of your choice. Should you wish to change your existing solar inverter, it is possible to replace it with our hybrid inverter which is a combination of both solar and battery. When doing this, the EST provider must be contacted and permission given to change the inverter and a bi-directional FIT meter will be required.

Unfortunately not, our inverters are grid tied and are not meant for permanent off-grid usage.

You can monitor the system either on the GivEnergy App available on Google Play or App Store, or the GivEnergy Monitoring Portal.

You can have up to 5 batteries per inverter. If you wish to increase the output power to the property, you can use multiple AC Coupled inverters with batteries connected to each, however we currently do not recommend this.

We recommend 40cm above and to the sides and 30cm below the inverter.

GivEnergy Battery Storage

It has been our vision to create a product that would guarantee that people save on their electricity bills. Whether it’s by making the most of our customer’s solar panels, or by charging the battery using the off-peak tariff, we can guarantee that the GivEnergy system will deliver exactly what we promise.

Solar helps the environment, but couple this with voltage optimisations and you can maximize your PV efficiency. Further, by coupling with our AWARD WINNING Energy Storage Systems and you can benefit from all of the daytime excess energy in the evening.