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Investing in a Battery Storage system from Solar PV Shop is a great decision for your home as you can get a worthwhile return on your investment (ROI) and be more in control of your electricity pricing by buying your electricity at night (off peak tariff) and use it during the day (peak tariff).

By installing Battery Storage pack, you will benefit from the following:


Battery Storage Installation

Buy, use and store electricity when it is cheap and use it during expensive peak times.

Go Green and Save Money

Using our app-based monitoring system, you can observe the generation and utilization of your solar energy in real-time. Rest assured that our installation partners are MCS certified, HIES accredited and an EPVS member, and they only use superior quality components. The amount which you need to spend on a Solar PV may be lesser than you presume it to be. We provide first-rate ‘tier 1’ panels, such as Jinko or JA Solar, which come with a minimum 25-year warranty and superior energy storage units, like Growatt.

Immediately after the fitting is finished, you can start taking pleasure in the advantages of solar energy, so you will begin to recoup your investment right away.


Financial options may be available, so please feel free to enquire.



You can protect your home from rising energy prices

With your solar system installed, you will never again be confronted to electricity tariff increases.

sell your surplus energy back to utility companies

You can sell it back to the big energy companies as high as 15 pence per kWh!

Installation Partners

Our Installation Partners are MCS certified, EPVS, and HIES members.

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Our solar panels are designed to be fixed to both tile and slate roofs. We install the frames to the existing roof timbers, which is typically done by removing a few tiles. Then, we attach the mounting rails to the frame, and the solar panels are secured to the rails.

Additionally, we will enter your attic to set up the inverter, which is the device that turns solar energy from (DC) into usable power (AC) for your residence. Every roofing job is made watertight and examined before we wrap up. On average, a standard system is fully installed in less than a day! 

Giv-Bat 9.5
Hybrid Inverter 3.6
Years Warranty
Go green and save money

More benefits of Battery Storage

These days, with energy costs at a record high, solar energy has quickly become a fantastic way for homeowners to reduce their expenditure.

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