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As part of the 2023 Government ECO4 Boiler Replacement Scheme, individuals who meet the criteria have the opportunity to obtain a brand new boiler. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that those who are eligible for benefits are able to access them. If you are feeling burdened or unsure about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

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First Time Central Heating Grant

Lower your energy costs and enhance the efficiency of your home by installing a brand-new central heating system using the ECO4 grant.

Free Back Boiler Replacement Grants

Under the ECO4 program, you may be eligible to receive a complimentary replacement for your back boiler. Upgrade your outdated heating system today.

Non-Condensing Replacement

If your boiler is non condensing and you or someone in your household is receiving benefits, you may qualify to receive a complimentary condensing boiler.

Free Insulation Grants

Installing loft insulation is a cost-effective and simple way to retain heat. When properly installed, it can effectively insulate for over 40 years.




Switching to a central heating system offers numerous advantages, including reduced energy consumption. Our government is committed to assisting our customers in making environmentally friendly choices. Unlike electric heaters, a central heating system enables users to easily maintain a steady temperature in their homes. Enhance the energy efficiency of your home by obtaining a FREE modern central heating system or boiler, which will also make it easier to sell your property. Save on heating bills with the government ECO4 grant and avoid paying for an inefficient heating system unnecessarily.