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EV-Box is the global market leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 38,000 charging points worldwide. We serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks. Charge with EV-Box and join our journey towards a sustainable future.

Meet BusinessLineEV Box | Alternergy

As employers learn the benefits of driving electric, more companies are making the transition. The BusinessLine has become a recognizable fixture in public parking lots, at workplaces, and in parking garages. Your employees and visitors can charge their electric vehicles easily, quickly and safely. By using the best materials and most intelligent software, an EV-Box charging station requires the most minimal amount of maintenance.

The BusinessLine charging stations include one or two charging points. The BusinessLine charging station with two charging points are specially designed for the commercial market. The intelligent charging stations are available in various models, for all desired capacities. They come in six colours or, if you wish, in your own company colours.  EV-Box also offers various services for billing and ‘smart charging’. The installation of several charging stations is particularly advantageous due to central management. There is a reason why our charging stations are the most popular charging solutions across the EU.

Why you need an EV-Box at work

  • Promotes a sustainable and innovative identity for your company
  • Available in various capacities and consumes your office’s energy capacity responsibly
  • Available with Hub / Satellite arrangement, which allows multiple charging stations to communicate via just a single modem
  • Access to Smart Charging functionalities that enable your charging stations to consume and distribute power efficiently
  • Automatic cost settlement with your company, staff and/or leasing partner
  • Available in 6 standard colors or any other RAL color per request
  • Color-fast, impact-resistant and non-flammable cover
  • Built modular and requires only a minimum amount of maintenance
  • Mountable on a wall or a pole
  • LED ring ensures a good communication between the station, the user, the operator, and the BackOffice management system
  • Charging station management and software optimization can be done remotely
  • Fully CE-certified

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